Shipment Tracing API: REST JSON v1

Shipment Tracing API Overview

In our experience, shipment tracing is the most commonly used API tool. We provide simple integration and powerful tools that seamlessly integrate with your company’s platforms.

Trace Your Shipment

Locate your shipment using a variety of tracking numbers including Bill Of Lading, Shipment Reference Number, PRO, or Manifest. You can enter as many as 25 numbers to monitor multiple shipments.

Information Shipment Tracing Returns

R+L Carriers Shipment Tracing tool provides the following data:

  • Current Status
  • Pickup Date
  • Estimated Delivery Date
  • Full Shipment History
  • Billing Parties
  • Pieces
  • Weight
  • Appointment Date

Shipment Tracing API integration

The following will help you integrate with our Shipment Tracing API.

Having Trouble?

Should you have any issues with our API tools, questions or suggestions, contact our technology team.