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Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol Alert

Your security is our top priority: please verify TODAY your browser is up to date. Starting April 12, browsers with anything older than Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 will become outdated and should be updated. See below for how to test your TLS version. This is essential to continue safe, efficient communication between R+L Carriers and our customers.
How to check if the browser (Chrome, Edge, etc.) has updated security:
1.) Check the user agent protocol SSL/TLS capabilities of your browser. If the site is unreachable, you may need to contact your system administrator due to firewall blocking.
2.) Copy the link to test in a browser.
3.) Once the page renders, scroll to the Protocol Features section to see if “Yes” is displayed next to TLS 1.2. If not, then you may need to contact your system administrator for assistance enabling.
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