Rate Quote API: SOAP XML v1.0.2

Warning: This endpoint will be deprecated in the near future. Please use Rate Quote REST v1.

Rate Quote API Configuration

Below are simple instructions on how to implement our Rate Quote API Tool using the SOAP - XML format. When using the methods make sure to replace the highlighted text with your appropriate data.

To access the service, send your API request to the following Rate Quote URL.

Additions and Updates

This version of the Rate Quote API includes two new methods Get Pallet Types and Get Pallet Types By Points. We have also added the ability to provide pallet types when requesting pallet rates.

Rate Quote Method

  • Method to get a Rate Quote: GetRateQuote(string APIKey, RequestObjects.RateQuoteRequest request)
  • Sample XML: request | response

Get Pallet Types Method

  • Method to get all Pallet Types: GetPalletTypes(string APIKey)
  • Sample XML: request | response

Get Pallet Type By Service Points Method

  • Method to get all Pallet Types available for the given MyRLCID and Service Points: GetPalletTypeByPoints(string APIKey, string MyRLCID, string originCity, string originZip, string destinationCity, string destinationZip)
  • Sample XML: request | response

List of accepted State/Country codes

Having Trouble?

Should you have any issues with our API tools, questions or suggestions, contact our technology team.