Notification API: REST JSON v1

Notification API Overview

The R+L Carriers Notification API is a robust system for creating and managing push notifications. All shipment tracing and document data related notifications are available.

Notification API available functions

  • Add Group Notification - Create a group set to receive shipment notifications and documents. Returns a Notification Group ID on success.
  • Edit Group Notification - Edits an already setup Group.
  • Add PRO Notification - Sets up a push notification based on a specific PRO number, rather than a Group that receives notifications from all PROs.
  • Get User Account Codes - Retrieves the Account Codes attached to your API key.
  • Get All Group Notifications - Retrieves all created Notification Groups based on Notification Type.
  • Get Group Notification Details - Retrieves all the details of a specified Notification Group ID.
  • Get All PRO Notifications - Retrieves all created Pro Notifications based on Notification type.
  • Get PRO Notification Details - Retrieves the details of a PRO Notification based on Notification Type and PRO Number.
  • Delete Group Notification - Deletes the Notification Group based on the Notification Group ID received.
  • Delete PRO Notification - Deletes the PRO Notification based on Notification Type and PRO Number.

Notification API integration

The following will help you integrate with our Notification API.

Having Trouble?

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