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Common Hazmat Items

Items commonly shipped as hazardous include air bags, air conditioning units, batteries, fertilizer and more. All our employees are trained in handling hazardous materials in compliance with state and federal hazardous material regulations. Make sure you label your hazardous items for shipment. The information below is some of the many items commonly labeled as hazardous.

When you have hazardous materials that need to be transported, R+L Carriers is equipped to serve you. All our employees are trained in handling hazardous material in compliance with state and federal hazardous material regulations. It is important to note, however, that state and federal regulations apply not only to the carrier but to the shipper as well. When you are shipping hazardous material, it is important to know the regulations which apply to you. Certain specific terms may also be clues that dangerous goods and/or hazardous materials may be present. The list below identifies some terms and the potential hazards they may indicate.


Air Bags

Air bags are commonly shipped as hazardous when containing Air Bag Inflators, Air Bag Modules or Seat-Belt Pretensioner.

Air Conditioning Equipment

Shipping air conditioning equipment when including gases under high pressure may require hazmat shipping options.

Aircraft Parts

Aircraft parts commonly ship hazmat when they include parts like fuel control devices, that cannot be 100% purged of fuel. These items are shipped under regulations.

Auto Parts

Shipping auto parts like carburetors, gas lines, or gas tanks which may contain gasoline are common auto parts that are shipped as hazardous materials.



Any item containing mercury.


Several types of batteries are shipped as hazardous materials, including spillable lead-acid batteries, many lithium batteries, and more. Protection against short circuits is essential, even for batteries that are not subject to applicable Hazardous Materials Regulations.

Breathing Apparatus

If shipped with oxygen cylinders. Or any other item shipped with oxygen cylinders or some gases under pressure.


Camping Gear and Camping Equipment

Includes items such as: ammunition, batteries, cooking stoves, flammable gas, fire starting pastes, flammable liquids, heat producing packets, lighters, matches, signal flares, or cooking/heating fuel.

Chain Saws and other powered tools

Will most likely contain a residue of fuel.

Chemical Oxygen

Potentially shipped with an oxygen generator.

Cigarette Lighters

Including Lighters or Lighter Refills or Torches may contain flammable gas or flammable liquid.

Computer Equipment

Uninterruptible power supplies with electrical storage batteries require special shipping, magnets in speakers and printing ink also have HazMat implications.

Construction Equipment

Shipping construction equipment can include items such as batteries, CO2 cartridges, and other power devices, gasoline powered saws or generators and space heaters all possibly containing fuel, Liquefied Petroleum gas torches, paints, drying agents and thinners.

Cryogenic Liquid

Means a liquefied gas of very low temperature, which must be shipped as a regulated item.

Cylinders, Container, Tanks

May contain flammable or non-flammable compressed gases which are regulated under hazardous materials regulations.


Drilling and Mining Equipment

If containing explosives, acids, lubricants, mercury or other dangerous goods.


Electrical and/or Electronic Equipment

May contain powerful magnets, mercury in switches, any one of a variety of batteries and uninterruptible power supplies containing electrical storage batteries.

Electrically Powered Devices

May contain wet electric storage batteries, or lithium batteries. Even if batteries are excepted from regulations, they must be positively protected against short circuits.

Engine Parts

When shipping, engine parts can contain hazardous materials such as carburetors, gas lines, or gas tanks which may contain fuel or fuel residue.



Fertilizers can contain ammonium nitrate, oxidizers and other chemicals important to know when shipping other items and when regulated as a hazardous material.

Fire Extinguishers or Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire extinguishers may contain gases under pressure. Shipping fire fighter equipment can be HazMat when items contain gasoline engine powered equipment.

Frozen Food

Shipping frozen food with dry ice require a hazmat certified carrier.



Gasses are shipped as hazmat items. These gasses indicate the presence of a flammable liquid, such as gasoline, a flammable gas or nonflammable gas.


Household Goods

Shipping household goods can contain chemicals which result in the need for hazmat placards. May items include paints, bleaches, spray cans under pressure, and numerous other dangerous items.

Hunting Supplies

Shipping hunting supplied that may contain small arms ammunition or other camping related items need hazardous material shipping.


Ice Maker

Since it is an item that can contain gases under pressure, they are often shipped as hazardous materials.


Laboratory or Testing Equipment

Many Laboratory or Testing Equipment contain assorted dangerous materials.

Laundry Supplies

May mean strong bleaches or oxidizing fabric treatments which are regulated as hazardous materials.

Lawn Equipment

Lawn equipment that is shipped and contains, but not limited to, lawn mowers and weed trimmers may contain hazardous materials in the form of fuels and/or batteries need to be shipped as hazmat.


Lighters are shipped as hazardous materials when including Cigarette Lighters or Lighter Refills or Torches may contain flammable gas or flammable liquid.


Machinery Parts

Machinery parts are shipped as hazardous materials when they include adhesives, paints, sealants, solvents or other chemicals and gases.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are shipped as hazardous materials when containing flammable or corrosive chemicals, infectious substances or radioactive materials.


Any item containing mercury is regulated and commonly shipped as a hazardous material. Items containing the term "mercurial" may indicate that the shipment is regulated.

Motorized Equipment

Motorized Equipment containing gasoline or electric batteries are shipped as hazardous materials.

MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet

May indicate a product is hazardous. Ensure that the shipment receives expert analysis before being shipped.


Office Supplies

Shipping office supplies that may contain aerosols, both flammable and non-flammable printing ink, uninterruptible power supplies containing electrical storage batteries need to be shipped as hazardous materials.

Oxygen Generator

Means a prohibited chemical device that generates oxygen and a large amount of heat requiring that the generators are shipped as hazmat.


Passenger Service Unit (PSU)

Indicates the presence of an oxygen generator as utilized in an aircraft and, like other aircraft pars are shipped as hazardous materials.


Pharmaceuticals are shipped as hazardous materials when including flammable liquids, radioactive medicines, or other hazardous chemicals.

Photographic Supplies

Photographic materials are shipped as hazardous materials because they can contain acids, corrosive materials, bleaches, or poisonous materials.


Rechargeable Drills, Screwdrivers and other hand tools

May contain lithium batteries.

Refrigeration Equipment

May contain gases under pressure.

Repair Kits

May contain adhesives, paints, solvents, flammable gases, or other dangerous goods.


Samples for Testing

May contain any number of dangerous goods.

Survey Equipment

May indicate the presence of electrical equipment, batteries, power cartridges, and other regulated materials.

Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi Chemicals or Parts

May contain oxidizers or other dangerous goods.



Shipping thermometers may require hazmat shipping if they include the presence of mercury.

Tool Boxes

May contain explosives (power rivets), compressed gases (spray cans), flammable adhesives or paints, corrosive liquids, etc; all of which are shipped as hazardous materials.



Like other items packed in dry ice, vaccines require shipping as hazardous materials.


(liquid, powder or otherwise) may be poisonous. All poisons are shipped as hazardous materials.


Weather Equipment

Shipping weather equipment there is the potential for devices containing mercury. Special attention is needed if this type of item requires shipping as hazmat.

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