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Offshore Shipping

Offshore Shipping FAQ

Shipping Offshore can be challenging if you are not familiar with the processes, the languages or the unique regulations involved. Check these frequently asked questions for the basics of shipping to Offshore markets.


Offshore shipping includes the markets of
Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Caribbean Islands, Guam, Alaska, and Hawaii

International Ocean Freight

Whether you are just now testing the waters of Offshore shipping, or you are a seasoned performer, there are challenges in any global logistics plan that R+L Carriers can help you navigate.

What do we mean by domestic Offshore shipping?

Domestic shipping rules apply to: Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Caribbean Islands, Guam, Alaska, and Hawaii.

What modes of transportation are common for domestic Offshore shipping?

Air freight, ocean steamship, barge, and roll on/roll off containers loaded onto a shipping vessel.

What is Less-than-Container Load (LCL)?

A shipment not large enough to fill a standard container (20 to 40 feet). In an LCL shipment your cargo may be combined with cargo from different shippers in a single container.

What is Full-Container Load (FCL)?

A single shipment large enough to fill a standard container (20 or 40 feet).

For information on shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, visit our page on United States Shipping

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