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R+L Carriers Acquires its 6000th Peterbilt Truck

5/9/2023 – Wilmington, Ohio – R+L Carriers celebrated the delivery of their 6000th Peterbilt truck, a milestone for the business, as it continues to innovate the company fleet with new and efficient technology. This year also marks the 11th anniversary since R+L purchased its first Peterbilt truck in 2012.
To compete in a fast-paced global economy, R+L relies on the latest developments in the commercial vehicle industry. Between inclement weather, congested roadways and increased freight volume, each tractor must respond to the demands of the modern driver. Safe, reliable vehicles are essential to mitigating route hazards, ensuring company drivers return home every day. Peterbilt prizes collision mitigation and fuel efficiency, among other attributes, making them a mainstay in the R+L fleet.
R+L sources many of its new trucks through The Larson Group (TLG), a commercial vehicle dealer group specializing in Peterbilt trucks that operates 25 locations across eight U.S. states. “We are proud to have built a solid partnership with TLG and Peterbilt,” said Shawn Miller, R+L Carriers Vice President of Fleet Maintenance, “At R+L, we want our drivers in an industry-leading truck that is safe and efficient on the job. There are daily challenges in our industry to keep the fleet rolling. We have hundreds of team members from all fronts that help source the hard-to-get parts. I’m proud to have TLG and Peterbilt’s support, helping us reduce equipment downtime and improving our overall fleet.”
Beyond the roadway, Peterbilt vehicles have also improved efficiency in other aspects around R+L, including equipment repairs, driver training and marketing brand awareness. R+L looks forward to its continued relationship with Peterbilt and TLG, owing to the strong foundation both partners have established with R+L over the past decade. As more R+L service centers open around the country, the company fleet will require additional vehicles to support the nationwide supply chain.
“We want to congratulate R+L Carriers on this incredible milestone in taking delivery of their 6000th Peterbilt truck,” said Melissa Larson, TLG Vice President of New Trucks. “This is a proud moment for both the TLG family and Peterbilt Motors, commemorating our great partnership with R+L over the last decade, as well as our continued commitment to serving them for years to come! We truly appreciate the trust they have placed in us and we will never take it for granted.”
Jason Skoog, Peterbilt Motors Company General Manager and Vice President of PACCAR Inc. echoed these statements, citing the relationship between the manufacturer and the truck line. “R+L Carriers has been a terrific Peterbilt customer for many years and we were thrilled to celebrate this significant milestone with them. R+L has a wonderful history and strong culture that truly values employees and provides their drivers with premium equipment. Peterbilt is honored that R+L has chosen the Peterbilt Model 579 for their fleet.”
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