Blind Shipments

(Note A)

Upon written instructions received by the carrier prior to receipt of shipment at point of origin, accompanied by a through Bill of Lading covering the shipment, the carrier will accept the shipment when tendered by the party in possession of the shipment, subject to the following conditions:

1. Prior to notification to carrier for pickup of blind shipment, customer must contact carriers rate department to obtain a Quote Number. This quote will include total freight charges based on information given by customer, including the applicable charge of $44.50 for the blind shipment.
2. After receipt of the Quote Number, the customer will then give all blind shipment information to the carrier’s dispatcher, who in turn will complete the Blind Shipment Form. Both the Blind Shipment Form and the original Bill of Lading received at the pickup point will be submitted to the billing clerk with the same pro number. The Quote Number must be written on the Blind Shipment Form.
3. Blind shipments must move prepaid, unless the party paying for the blind shipment charge is also paying the freight charges collect.
4. Carrier will have no responsibility or liability for incorrect billing or delivery of the blind shipment if customer fails to obtain a Quote Number prior to the freight being received by the carrier.

NOTE A: Definition of Blind Shipment: When a 3rd party paying the freight charges requests the carrier to ship the freight to a different consignee than the consignee indicated on the Bill of Lading AND/OR requests that the carrier change shipper’s name on the Bill of Lading, at the time of pickup. A charge of $44.50 applies for this service. A blind shipment can require changing just the shipper name or consignee information or both. All shipments must show originating city and state of pickup point. This cannot be changed under any circumstances.