Bumping Clause (Non-application)

Bumping is the declaration on the original Bill of Lading of an artificially higher weight for the purpose of causing a higher density that allows the article of piece being Bumped to qualify for a lower classification rating.

Bumping may be performed under the provisions of NMFC Item 171, subject to the following:

1. Bumping provisions may only be used for commodity items in the NMFC that assign classes based upon density and then only for those that make specific reference to NMFC Item 171.

2. Shipper may only bump to the next lower NMFC class or rating. Bumping to an EXCEPTION or FREIGHT ALL KINDS (FAK) class or rating is not permitted.

3. When the provisions of this rule are utilized, Shipper must declare intent to Bump at time of shipment and include all the following items on the Original Bill of Lading: Actual Cube; Actual Weight; Density group (Sub) embracing the actual density; Declared Density; and Declare Weight for billing.

4. Bumping into the same "Rated As" weight on a shipment by using the Bumping Clause is not permitted.